Estex DSS 1.60

This is latest official release of a Disk SubSystem (DSS) from Peters Plus. DSS has File System same as at MS-DOS FAT16, and full compatible with it.

After you switch power on or reset your computer, the BIOS try reading system bootstrap from 1-st sector of a bootable disk.
When the computer booting from a diskette or a hard drive, the boot sector is first to load and execute, and it in turn loads the module of a disk subsystem SYSTEM.DOS.
At the end of the start sequence the operating system performs the following steps:

-- initialization disk subsystem and displayed message "Starting DOS..."
-- loads System Console SYSTEM.EXE
-- runs the commands and programs listed in SYSTEM.BAT file

Usually the SYSTEM.BAT file contains path to user's file manager or other frequently used application. For example "c:\fn\fn.exe".
Also it can contains definition for search path for executable files by "set path=" command.

May be, you would like to bypass your SYSTEM.BAT file when booting. As soon as the words "Starting DOS..." are displayed press the "SHIFT" key and wait until then the console prompt ("C:\>") are displayed.

Version: 1.60
Status: Release
Published: 01.04.2021 331.47 KB
Peters Plus
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