MENU is a standard Estex program which, based on configuration files, displays a menu to the user and invokes the corresponding action. An action may be to invoke an Estex program or to display another menu. You can invoke the user menu by just typing 'menu' at the command prompt. And you should see a window that looks similar to the one below.

Menus may be either static or dynamic, depending on the needs of the application.  Static menus are stored in the files with a *.mnu extenstion (see below for the file format). When you start menu, program has read required *.mnu file and displays it. If you start menu.exe without any parameters then program will search file default.mnu in the current directory.

Dynamic menus are generated by a program which get menu structure from switch "-m". The format is the same as for a static menu except ";" used as delimiter for each line of menu structure.

example: "menu.exe -m title=My menu;menuitem=Item1, prog1.exe;menuitem=Item2, prog2.exe"

Version 1.01: Fixed error in function call 0x40 (DSS_EXEC)

Version 1.02: Incorrect stack pointer fixed.

Version: 1.02
Status: Release
Published: 07.09.2021 7.95 KB
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